Welcome to Bottom Line Solutions

At Bottom Line Solutions, we provide personalized professional office management services to small business owners and individuals in the Bay Area. Our primary focus is on managing your company's lifecycle processes,

because you don't just want it done, you want it done right.

And you need an outstanding support team to thrive.

Our wealth of business experience: gleaned from managing small businesses, staff and budgets, to auditing, inventory control and accounting, is brought to you to strengthen your core foundation.

Mission Statement

"Our mission at Bottom Line Solutions is to bring organization, continuity and order to the office and books of the individual or small business owner. We bring ethical solutions to support and strengthen you and your company. Our primary goal is to help your business thrive."

Here is what we do for you!

  • ASSESS your office to capture the depth and breadth of your business operations
  • DEVELOP policies and procedures to streamline your systems
  • EVALUATE your accounting process to ensure accuracy and efficiency
  • ESTABLISH timelines for tasks to be completed
  • GIVE you peace of mind
  • ALL THIS AND MORE . . . working within your schedule at your site or remotely based on your needs

"Working with Maia is a pleasure. She is thorough and detailed and extremely organized. Her knowledge of accounting coupled with her strong organizational skills make her an ideal choice to tackle any office management or accounting challenges."
~ Julie Haley, Corporate Controller

". . . having tried many different scenarios over the last fifteen years to manage our accounts and records, I believe that Maia and her company are the best and most effective solution we have found."
~ Cullen Burda, Vice President

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