"I can sincerely recommend Maia Fraser and Bottom Line Solutions. To any professional who wants to focus on their work and their business, Maia is the person you need by your side."

"She has broad knowledge of accounting and computer systems and is highly organized and efficient. She whipped our records and billing into shape and has given me the confidence and peace of mind that the details of our accounts receivable and payable are processed accurately and quickly and the records are all organized and available. She is thorough, focused and attentive to the minutest detail and having worked with her for several years I trust her completely. In addition, having tried many different scenarios over the last fifteen years to manage our accounts and records, I believe that Maia and her company are the best and most effective solution we have found."

~ Cullen Burda, Vice President
   Integrated Structures, Inc

  "Working with Maia is a pleasure. She is thorough and detailed and extremely organized. Her knowledge of accounting coupled with her strong organizational skills make her an ideal choice to tackle any office management or accounting challenges."

"Maia worked in our corporate accounting office on two separate assignments as a staff accountant preparing journal entries and month-end work papers and assisted the controller to complete numerous projects, including re-organizing files, correcting prior period work paper folders, reconciling and updating various lists, reviewing contracts, etc. She is a quick-learner and was able to adapt to our accounting software and procedures efficiently. It was very helpful to have a person who could truly multi-task and be placed in various situations."

~ Julie Haley, Corporate Controller
   Phoenix Companies

  "To call Bottom Line Solutions a life-saver may sound patronizing but when you're at full throttle the wake is enormous, there's no one better to tame that tide than them.

Bottom Line Solutions arrived at an integral time as our start-up business began to take-off. The owner, Maia Fraser, was able to step in at a time (Year-End) when everything came to a head. New back-office accounting software, year-end multi-bank reconciliation's, tax reporting, payroll, financials and numerous other tasks core to our business were due pronto.

Reliable, trustworthy and deserving, I recommend this priceless professional and her company to anyone. In a realm of many we certainly found our bottom line solution!"

~ Joel Weinstein, Officer/CEO
   Foodlinx, Inc

  "Maia is organized, fast and accurate. Very smart. A fast learner. Tell her something once and she gets it. I wish I could hire her full time."

~ Cindy du Chateau, Controller
   The O'Brien Group

"It has been my pleasure to work with Maia Fraser for two years. Maia is a poised, intelligent and well-spoken individual who has always been willing to take on any task handed to her while working for our company. As a consultant, Maia oversees our accounting and payroll functions, provides financials for insurance, contractor and CPA needs. Among the more difficult tasks she has handled seemingly effortlessly, she coordinated the transition of our office move, hiring and training of staff, ordered and set up our new computer system, reorganized and mapped our filing system, and established a storage system for archive records.

Without Maia, the past two years would have been practically impossible and I would not have been able to focus on growing our business. I would recommend her to any company that needs to get organized!"

~ Deborah Blake, President
   Sullivan Thompson Masonry & Restoration

"More than simply a quick study, Maia is a deep learner. In short order, she was able to assemble a clear financial picture for us from a jigsaw puzzle of old accounting records where missing pieces were the norm, and paper trails never existed."

~ Loni Gray, Business Manager
   Integrated Structures, Inc

  "Maia works as the full charge bookkeeper for multiple clients of mine. I am impressed with her performance on several levels:
  • The clients that we share have involved bookkeeping needs that take a bookkeeper with "heavy skills" to handle the job. Maia is "heavy".
  • She is responsive and professional in her manner and demeanor with both the client and me.
  • She is very knowledgeable but is willing to ask questions when she feels she might need some direction. (I have often encountered bookkeepers who are "defensive" and try and hide areas where they need help. That becomes a much more laborious process than focusing on the "team effort" and getting the job done.)
  • I referred Maia to a very difficult client situation and bookkeeping assignment.  I advised her in advance of the problems that she had to face. She accepted the assignment and has handled it extremely well, much higher than my expectations.
  • I believe that Maia has an ability to handle more involved assignments than most "heavy bookkeepers". Because of that, I feel that I can assign greater portions of client requested projects to her than would be the norm. The more she can handle, the more economical and efficient the job for the client. I feel she is an asset."

~ Robert Finston, CPA

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